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Welcome and thank you for choosing to learn about journaling techniques!

I'm still working on developing the tips and techniques content, but you can start with the foundation to all my courses — Writing From the Heart. I've completely revamped and expanded it, and made it FREE for anyone who wants to learn how to listen to their heart and deepen their journal writing practice. 


How DEEP is your journal writing practice?

If you feel that there's something Underneath the surface that you just can't get to, I can teach you to listen and hear your heart.

If you want to:

  • slow down the chattering in your head and figuring out who you really are;
  • go deeper and deeper beneath the surface to find and tell your stories;
  • and are willing to explore with an open heart

there is an unlimited reservoir of inspiration and wisdom lying just beneath the surface of your consciousness. 

I've helped thousands of students to listen and hear their hearts speak to them, leading to a deeper writing practice. Whether you're a journaling newbie, or a seasoned veteran, sometimes you get stuck and can't seem to let the words flow, I can help you GO DEEPER...


Start with Writing From the Heart

Here's a free gift for signing up to learn about journaling tips and techniques. 

What is Writing From the Heart?

Writing From the Heart is a journal writing method I developed to help you quiet your chattering brain and hear your heart speak. Your heart (your soul) constantly speaks to you with infinite wisdom. It has the answers you seek.

When you learn to write from your heart, you can work through the pain, loss and frozen fear and write your way to a life filled with passion, purpose and excitement!

In Writing From the Heart you learn:

  • what essential tools you'll need for journaling with the Writing From the Heart method
  • to still your mind and slip into an active listening state that allows you to hear your heart
  • to become the receiver of messages from your heart and the transcriber of the words
  • how to let go of the inner critic and let the words flow
  • how journaling can help you heal, grow, and discover how to live your life with passion and purpose

Plus, you get the bonus e-book 53 MORE Journaling Prompts to Keep You Writing From Your Heart


Asking the right questions 

"I've always been a writer, of some sort, and journaling for me is often my only means of self-expression. Like many others, I one day found myself blocked and my desire to write seemed to have slipped away. Days, weeks, and months had passed and the pages in my journal, like my mind, were blank. I was at a loss, then was introduced to Kathy's Writing from the Heart workshop. I was hesitant but had nothing to lose. Kathy's gentle, yet probing techniques pushed me to dig a little deeper and ask the right questions and before I knew it my words were flowing with much ease. Kathy has a unique gift and her gentle and loving approach was exactly what my heart required in order to unleash the words that had been trapped in my mind." — Diane MacDonald

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