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You are not broken...

Your Wild Woman is calling to you. It's time to wake up. 

Wild Woman, this is your time!

Join me for an all-inclusive, transformative weekend retreat — Journaling to the Deep 

At La Solitude Pré-d'en-Haut, New Brunswick

friday,  October 13 to Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Wild Woman is that part of us that can never be tamed. She is deeply authentic and in tune with the cycles of nature. She wants to help you live your life with passion and purpose. In Journaling to the Deep you will get in touch with your Wild Woman through a series of journaling questions, group discussion, and one-to-one sessions (if required).

Imagine an entire weekend of self-care and self-love in which you can allow your heart to open wide to the infinite wisdom of your soul. The answers are right there, waiting for you.

Journaling to the Deep at La Solitude includes:

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  • An all-inclusive private, and simple but comfortable, cottage in the woods, where silence and simplicity facilitate soul-searching and deep regenerating rest.
  • Time to be with yourself and meet the beautiful wild woman you truly are, through journaling.
  • A comprehensive journaling guide filled with inspiration, introspection, and inquiry. 
  • Four scheduled one-hour discussion and sharing sessions. You are free to share as much or as little as you like.
  • My cottage will be open to you for one-to-one coaching.

All of this, for just $150 CAD

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The 7-Day Wild Woman Journaling Challenge begins September 25th!

Are you ready to emerge, wild woman?

This FREE journal writing challenge with inspire, delight, and incite you to discover the Wild Woman within you. There will be daily journaling lessons and activities, deep dive videos, a live online journaling event for members, a prize draw for those who rise to the challenge, and a special opportunity to help me co-create a new journaling course.


How can I help you?

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journaling techniques

Learn how to connect to your heart, find your writing voice, and discover your life's stories.

heal your stories

Take the first step to let go of the old stories that are holding you back and write a new life, here.

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find your wild woman!

Discover the divine you by connecting to your intuition, and your most authentic self.


more than a course, this could change your life. 

This is a beautiful course and Kathy, the instructor, is a beautiful person. I could feel how much she cared and wants to help people by sharing this amazing writing practice. The practice is deeply healing, and great for journal writing, but has also breathed new life into my novel writing. From the first time I tried writing from the heart, it felt like I had come home." — Morgan Roche

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