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Answer the call to your WILD...

The Wild Woman is that part of us that can never be tamed. She is deeply authentic and in tune with the cycles of nature. She wants to help you live your life with passion and purpose. In Journaling to the Deep you will get in touch with your Wild Woman through a series of journaling questions, group discussion, and one-to-one sessions (if required).

Imagine an entire weekend of self-care and self-love in which you can allow your heart to open wide to the infinite wisdom of your soul. The answers are right there, waiting for you.

The beautiful grounds at La Solitude and the silence of the retreat are perfect for contemplation and journal writing. Sit in the warm October sun as you journal your deepest feelings, desires, and commitments to Self. You can watch the river flow, take a walk on one of the many trails, or cozy up in your cottage, with a crackling fire in your wood stove to keep you toasty.

We will meet each morning and evening to discuss and share whatever is on our minds. The rest of the time is yours to do as you wish in this silent retreat. I will also be available to help guide you through one-to-one discussions during your journaling time at my cottage.

The workshop includes a comprehensive journaling guide for you to explore with questions designed to help you break through to the Wild Woman within you.

Bring a journal  and pens to write with. Feel free to bring art materials if you’d like to express yourself through art journaling.


Quiet your mind. Listen deeply. Write with me.

kathy mercure, storyhealer

I know what it's like to want peace for my chattering mind that goes around and around like a hamster wheel. Journaling has helped me work through so much — to find answers, forgive, let go, move through my fears, see the beauty of my life, discover that part of me that can't be tamed — and ultimately find peace.

I see the light and the beautiful soul of the Wild Woman that you are. I see the truth of your soul. Your divinity. Your sacredness. I see the brilliance that you cannot fully see in yourself.

Journaling can help you free yourself, just as it has helped me. I want you to know your joy, but your pain is every bit as important. Your darkness as sacred. Your vulnerability is precious. I will be with you, holding you tenderly in my heart, so that you can look at your darkness through my eyes. You are not broken. I see beauty, healing, authenticity — I see you as a Wild Woman — I see miracles, magic, and gentle grace.


Here's why you don't want to miss Journaling to the Deep:

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Journal to the deep at La Solitude

Nestled in the forest, by the shores of the Petitcodiac River about 20 minutes from Moncton, New Brunswick, La Solitude is 37 acres of wooded property that puts you right into the heart of nature (perfect for the sensitive wild women). 

La Solitude was founded by Father Raymond Bujold, priest of the Holy Cross Congregation in 1976 after returning to Canada from his 20-year missionary calling in India. Since he walked from village to village, Father Raymond had a lot of time for contemplation and he felt healed and cleansed by it.  

Upon his return, Father Raymond was inspired to build cottages for seekers to experience simplicity and silence. For thirty-five years, until 2007, Father Raymond was the facilitator at La Solitude. The property is now owned by a trust and managed by a board of directors who are dedicated to carrying on Father Bujold's dream.

Private cottages

Journaling to the Deep at La Solitude offers:

  • A private simple and comfortable, cottage in the woods, where silence and simplicity facilitate soul-searching and deep regenerating rest.
  • Time to be with yourself and meet the beautiful wild woman you truly are, through journaling.
  • A comprehensive journaling guide filled with inspiration, introspection, and inquiry. 
  • Four scheduled one-hour discussion and sharing sessions. You are free to share as much or as little as you like.
  • My cottage will be open to you for one-to-one coaching.

What happens when you stay at La Solitude for Journaling to the Deep?

  • You leave behind your familiar distraction-filled life — and come to this place of solitude and silence will help you journey into your Soul.
  • Between discussion sessions in the Thabor (the meeting house), you are free to wander the property, sit in the sun, or enjoy the comfort and coziness of your cottage.
  • You'll listen to silence. You'll hear your Soul speak. You'll record the yearnings of your soul in your journal.
  • You will come away from this experience with new insight and understanding of who you are. 

La Solitude has 15 individual cottages with electricity. Each cottage is equipped with a bed, pillow, wood stove, electric hot plate, auxiliary heating, lamp, kitchen utensils, rocking chair, etc. Heated washrooms with sinks, showers, and toilets are centrally located to the cottages.

Food is available 24 hours a day at La Manne (the food building)

The food choices include: cereal, bread, cheese, honey, apples, and a few other simple foods such as tinned tuna and homemade soups. This simple diet is an essential element of the experience.

Guests prepare their own meals in their cabins. Drinking water is available, as are milk, tea, coffee, herbal teas…

What to bring
Toiletries, towels, tissue, sleeping bag or sheets/blankets, pillow case, flashlight, raincoat, boots, appropriate clothing for the season and plenty of paper/journal space, pens, and art supplies if you enjoy art journaling.

Leave behind any objects that could disturb the atmosphere of silence: cell phones, radios, MP3s, iPods, cameras, food, books, etc.

When you enroll in this weekend retreat, I will send you details closer to the date. 

For more information about the La Solitude at in Pré-d’en-Haut, visit the website.

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Join me at this sacred Wild Woman weekend for just $150 CAD

Enjoy two nights and three days devoted entirely to untaming your wild with quiet reflection and journaling in the natural surroundings of La Solitude at Pré-d’en-Haut (an easy 20-minute drive from Moncton). This all-inclusive, simple weekend of self-love and self-care, will quiet your mind for reflection and journaling  — to discover your own Wild Woman.

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Your Wild Woman is Calling. Listen.