Unlocking Memory: A Journaling Guide

Truthfully, I know it's easier to be told what to write than to listen deep every time you pick up the pen to journal. I can't tell you how many students have told me that, but a lot.  But the funny thing about this book is, you'll end up going deep anyway. These prompts will pull you down, into the nooks and crannies of your life that you thought you had forgotten. Not forgotten... they simply needed to be drawn out.

In this journaling guide you'll find 73 journaling prompts (many with questions within questions) to help you quiet your mind so that you can unlock the door to your memory files. I invite you to connect to your soul and discover the Wild Woman within you.




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The Big Questions Book of Journaling Prompts

Have you ever had a conversation that stretched your soul so big, you almost floated home? It’s not just from the bottle of wine (or two) that you may have shared with your best friend(s), it’s from exploring deep, cavernous topics in a conversation.

That's what this Big Questions Book is all about — those big, deep, soul searching questions that make us know who we are by the answers that we give. In it, you will find twenty topics, each with four questions. Undoubtedly, this book  will keep you busy, for a good, long while!  There’s a lot to ponder.

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