Spiraling to the Core

The spiral is a metaphor for life. Have you ever noticed that you seem to pass the same point over and over again, but from a different perspective each time? Wouldn't it be wonderful to get some clarity for a change?

Why spiral journaling is so effective

The best thing about journaling is that it’s not really about writing — it’s about quieting your mind enough to hear what your heart needs to tell you. But how do you achieve that when your brain is moving faster than the speed of light? Well, when following the path of the spiral, we have to concentrate to stay on course. Spiral Journaling makes everything we don't need to be thinking about, fall away. As we follow the spiral's path, we turn the paper around and around, creating a hypnotic effect that leads to a deep concentration state called FLOW. In FLOW, we can hear our hearts speak to us. 

Follow the path of the spiral to find answers

This mini-course includes:

  • an 9-minute video with information about spirals and how spirals can lead you to the core of your desires
  • a video demonstration of how to use the spiral template for pen walking
  • a downloadable spiral journaling template that you can use again and again
  • BONUS e-book: Walk the Spiral Path With Your Pen
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Spiral journaling is easy, fun, deeply meditative — and addicting!