Heart's Desire Journaling

Your heart IS your soul. Your soul is part of your consciousness in your body — your soul is you. That is why your soul is often referred to as your inner self or your higher-self. Your soul is always communicating with you, responding to your inner questions and prompting you. The voice of your soul is often overlooked and to hear it’s whispers, you must be still. That’s why I developed this guided meditation and journaling course.

It's incredibly powerful — and a wonderful introduction to intuitive journaling.

This course includes:

  • an introductory video with instructions on how to connect to your soul
  • a downloadable guided healing meditation to prepare your for connecting to your soul (includes 25 extra minutes of journaling music that you can use each time you connect with your soul)
  • my course, Spiraling to the Core, to help you connect more deeply, by using the spiral journaling template (included)
  • a BONUS primer on how to listen to your soul and hear its messages in everyday life.

You'll learn how to calm your chattering mind so that you can speak directly to your heart

Journaling is a form of meditation. It quiets your chattering bird brain, so that you can hear what your soul has to say. Imagine the power of slowing down your brain into a deeper meditative state — so you can speak directly to your soul! The results I've been getting are phenomenal.

The nine-minute guided meditation takes you through breathing, relaxing your body, and then opens your heart and chakras to golden light healing energy, before inviting you to listen to your soul's wisdom.

Our heart has infinite wisdom because it has a direct connection to our soul.

What do you want to ask or know from your soul?

Each course I offer has is built upon the foundation of my free course, Writing From the Heart, which simply means connecting your heart to your brain to your pen and writing down what it has to say.

I'm pleased to offer this meditation journaling course to you. I hope you receive incredible love and wisdom as much as others who've tried it!


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WARNING: doing this work can lead to insights, growth, change, amazement — and your inner Wild Woman!