Turning your stories from tragedy into triumph

 There comes a point in Break Free when we do turnarounds. It’s the time when we honour our stories by changing them from tragic to triumphant. PIN to SAVE or read l

There comes a point in Break Free when we do turnarounds. It’s the time when we honour our stories by changing them from tragic to triumphant.

Each one of us has unique gifts to offer the world, but sometimes to see them, we need to clear away the limiting beliefs. When we’re wading through the swamp of our fear, we’re in a mindset of misery. But, when we journal through our fears, we begin to shift the way we see our stories.

Being stubborn becomes determination. We turn from victims into heroines. The loss becomes the lesson. And we begin to see that we are not a tragedy, we are a triumph!

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There are three different levels of interaction with me in Break Free — self-directed, group coaching, and private coaching. When we work together in the coaching options, you work through each module at your pace, in the privacy of your home, then we meet the following week to talk about your aha moments, your struggles, your victories, and what you want to keep working on. It’s a great way to keep you moving!

Break Free Group Coaching and Private Coaching options are open for a short time and we begin the week of May 8th.

I'm also offering a one-hour face-to-face meeting with me for Break Free self-directed to give you the opportunity to take a deeper dive into where you’re progressing, where you’re stuck and what you need to keep working on with my help and guidance. Find out more on my course information page:


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kathy mercure is a storyhealer, storylistener, and storyteller. Her life’s work is to gently draw stories from her students and help them unblock their writing, find their voice, and heal their lives. Her passion is to support women and men in realizing their true identity as a valued human being, claiming their passions, and speaking their truth as they become their most authentic selves. (Photo by EagleSpirit Soul Shots)

 Turning your stories from tragedy to triumph — the turnaround. PIN to save