It's not about being fearless

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It's not about being fearless

Ack! Fearless. 

It’s a dirty word in my vocabulary. We are not meant to be fearless. Fear is what saves us from walking down a dark street at night. It’s that uneasy feeling that tells us, “No.”

If you wish for fearlessness, you might as well just go ahead and sign up for a death-defying stunt in Jackass 7 (or whichever number is next). 

If your fear isn’t physical, then it’s emotional. You don’t want to be emotionally fearless either, because, well, that sounds like an impossibility to me. We may not need emotional fear, but EVERYONE has it. 

The difference between the people we envy a bit because they’re living the life of our dreams, have lots of money and are adored by all — and folks like us who are frozen in fear — is that they’re feeling their fear and moving through it every day. 

The antidote to fear is not fearlessness — it’s feeling the fear and taking tiny steps that add up to big things. 

It’s called courage.

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