Fear is NOT your enemy

 Emily Dickinson wrote, " Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all."  Let Fear guide to Hope.   Save this pin for later or click to read the blog now. 


We're experiencing a 'Noreaster here in New Brunswick's Atlantic coast today. The wind was so strong it blew my window open and came inside my bedroom, causing me to wake up at 5:00 am.

I couldn't get back to sleep because today is the day for writing my information page for my new course, Bust Out of Your Fear Box!.

I've found every excuse to avoid it, but the deadline looms if I'm ever going to give this bird its wings.

So, I sat down and wrote.

That's the thing about Fear... the thought of doing whatever we have to do is, in my experience, far worse than the doing of it. The writing is flowing smoothly and I am once again excited about this program and once again feeling like I GOT THIS!

Of course, I could kick myself in the ass for being such a wuss for feeling my Fear, but I'm done with beating myself up about it and instead I'm giving myself the credit I deserve for taking baby steps each day until I was ready for this. I haven't been sitting twiddling my thumbs, I've been laying the foundation by working through my own fears about launching a new course.

And my friends, it feels freaking good! So good, I had to release this extra blog to tell you!

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kathy mercure is a storyhealer, storylistener, and storyteller. Her life’s work is to gently draw stories from her students and help them unblock their writing, find their voice, and heal their lives. Her passion is to support women and men in realizing their true identity as a valued human being, claiming their passions, and speaking their truth as they become their most authentic selves. (Photo by EagleSpirit Soul Shots)