As I was writing my new course, 20 Questions, I was learning as much as I was teaching. One of the things I learned is that I had the concept of fate and destiny all wrong. So I journaled about it. Keep reading, or save this pin for later...

It may not be good business to tell you this, but it’s a good story, so I’m going to.

When I launched my new website last week, I also promoted a new course, called 20 Questions: Soul Searching Questions That Make You Think, Feel, and Write. While I knew what it was going to be about, I hadn’t started writing or designing it. That was a project for the weekend. That’s how I roll. I need a deadline or chance of failure to get er done. So, as I was working away at it pretty much the entire long weekend, I was learning as much as I was teaching.


One of the things I learned is that I had the concept of fate and destiny all wrong. I thought they were one and the same. They are actually different but intimately connected. (You can watch an explanation of fate and destiny at my writing school by scrolling all the way down the page where you’ll see the Curriculum to PREVIEW the video, What are Fate and Destiny?).

It turns out that fate is the pre-determined course that we decide we want to experience before we are born in this life (if you have differing beliefs, think of it as God’s plan for you). We can’t change this plan, it’s why we are here, in this life.

However, destiny is up to us because we have choices to make throughout our lives that reflect how we get there. But because it is a plan, there may be minor deviations from the plan, but there are course corrections (which we may know as mistakes, accidents, events) that say, “No Kathy, this is not the way, don’t make me hurt you. Go this way.”

In essence, fate is the circumstance of our lives, and destiny is what we choose to make of them. You may not like the hand that life dealt you (for example an abusive father who drank, or a given up for adoption at birth) but it’s up to you how you rise from the circumstances of fate. 



Although we may not understand, the course corrections are strong when we are stuck and unhappy. It’s like nothing moves forward, we may still see our dreams way in the distance across the canyon, but we sure as hell can’t jump that far. So, we have to turn left or right, to go around the obstacle and get back on the path.

Now, sometimes we’re in a rut so deep we can’t even see our dreams anymore. While both of these examples are great opportunities to listen to our heart and write, when we’re in a rut so deep you can’t see your dreams, digging deep and writing from your heart will give you a hill to stand on to get yourself out of the rut.



As I was researching and then writing the Fate and Destiny lesson I came to the realization that my fate in this life was to be a healer. Even though I know how healing Writing From the Heart is, I’ve struggled with using the ‘H’ word for the better part of a year. It scared me. I’ve had many past lives as healers that didn’t end well (think stakes, fire, drowning, hanging, and all that lot). But lately, I’ve become more okay with it. And now I know why:

  1. My wise and knowing soul wanted to get the healing thing right for a change, so off it went, and I was born.

  2. But stubborn me didn’t want to be a nurse or a doctor, I decided to be a writer.

  3. Although The Adjustment Bureau (do you know that movie with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt?) tried to dissuade me when my mother (who also signed up to dissuade me) could not believe I could write something so imaginative.

  4. My destiny was to be a writer. So I moved over to copywriting. (Haha! I Matt Damon’ed the hell outta that one!).

This is a very short telling of all the mind boggling adjustments by The Bureau, once they realized I was serious.


But, The Adjustment Bureau had the last laugh after all, because while I chose my destiny by becoming a writer, I was fated to be a healer.

There are so many more pivotal steps and moments, but here is the gist:

  1. In order to become a healer, I had to stop working in communications jobs that paid a lot of money.

  2. When I moved to New Brunswick I couldn’t speak French and therefore am not qualified for government jobs in communications (I didn’t even really like communications… shoulda listened to my gut).

  3. So, I became a freelance writer for reals.

  4. And then, a pivotal moment in my 50th year that made me need to heal my life so bad I picked up the pen and started journalling again, after nearly 20 years away from it.

  5. Another agreement came in the form of EagleSpirit challenging me to teach people how to write.

  6. And finally, EagleSpirit taking me on a Soul Journey, so I could discover that Writing From the Heart, at its core, is about healing.

Now I feel I am stepping into the fate I was sent here to achieve. A healer. But on my terms, with my destiny of choice.

kathy mercure bio

kathy mercure is a writer and a storyteller, who helps seekers to tell their stories. She is also known as a storyhealer and a storylistener, whose life’s work is to gently draw stories from her students and help them unblock their writing, find their voice, and heal their lives. Her passion is to support women and men in realizing their true identity as a valued human being, claiming their passions, and speaking their truth as they become their most authentic selves.