I need to die to the old way of life to start a new way of life. And the Universe has answered my call to bring it! #dying to be reborn #detoxing #NewCourses #NewWebsite

My apologies for not being in touch sooner. Normally I'm pretty rigid about getting a blog out to you every Thursday, but this new email provider is more of a learning curve than I thought it would be. I didn't want to create another blog until I have everything in place, so I'll just tell you about what's been going on.



SOOPER busy with writing work these past few weeks, which is good, but at the same time stressful. I need the income the work brings, but it prevents me from getting all the things I want to do this summer, done. My cup runneth over with work, and I'm happy for it. So glad I got to enjoy some of our 3-day Canada Day weekend last week!



On a sunny day, probably a couple of weeks ago, I actually found myself with time to do a little exploration on what content to offer in one of the courses I'm creating. I'm super excited because I plan to bring in special co-hosts in one module of each course. So far I've been talking to an artist/writer/ photo- grapher who makes her own journals; a counsellor who guides people on a new path; a talented artist who will talk about how she uses doodling in her journal; an intuitive friend who could do readings in a live broadcast, a nutritional counsellor and self-love guru, and another friend who can tell us how numerology might play into our journal writing and our self-help journey. Exciting!

I'd also like your help deciding which course to run first. Remember when I did the survey to help me decide on courses? Well, the top six, which I plan to create and release between now and Fall 2017, are the ones I'm researching now. Whichever gets the most feedback and votes, will be released first.

Tell me which one of these you'd like to see first, so I can get started in earnest on researching and writing:

  1. What's holding you back? Looking at our fears and how we sabotage ourselves, and taking action to doing the work to make positive changes in our lives.

  2. Finding your passion: Have you lost your way? Do you even remember who you wanted to be before life got to you? Let's write our way back to finding our passion and purpose!

  3. Your personal manifesto: We'll plunge into who we are, what our values are, and write a manifesto to use as your touchstone for guiding you in your daily life.

  4. Your heart's desires: Tap into how you want to feel, create some goals to get there, and take action in ways that are in alignment with your desires.

  5. Writing your way through grief and loss (part 1): Write your way through the ugly feelings of the loss of a loved one, relationship, job, or other painful event.

  6. To everything there is a season: The first themed course will match the season it will be released in and will delve into the symbolism behind that season — Autumn Releasing, Winter Reflection, Spring Renewal, Summer Lightness.

Cast a vote for your top pick. If you want to take part in beta testing your favourite course with me, let me know this too.
Just looking at this list of courses, all kinds of ideas are firing in my head! I suddenly feel that excited feeling mixed in with a bit of nerves, too. Best way to be!



A while back, I signed up to beta test a video course for a student of one of my teachers. It too began and the big work will happen in this busy period. I'll be starting on website development this week, but last week I worked on writing content. Holy moley, once again I remember how difficult it is to do my own content writing! I'm learning new writing techniques because of the website template I'm using and the beta course I'm taking. It feels foreign to me, but I think it's good. I hope you like it.

On that note: I would really appreciate your feedback on my top headlines for my home page. This is the page my website will open up to.

As an explorer, which of these grabs you the most? Let me know your thoughts.

  1. The life you want is possible when you let go of the old stories and WRITE A NEW LIFE!
  2. Take the journey of a lifetime — write your way back to YOU
  3. Connect deeply to your heart's desires and write the life you dream of
  4. The journey of a lifetime begins with the blank page (and a cup of coffee)
  5. Your life is waiting for you on the other side of the page...

Ta, in advance!



I just realized how ridiculous this is beginning to sound — even to me.

But then I remembered the blog post I wrote called, Dying to Be Reborn. I wrote about working on my business and changing my diet at the same time because I need to die to the old way of life to start a new way of life. And the Universe has answered my call to bring it!

I am literally sick and tired of that bloated, gassy feeling. I want to heal my gut and feel better, be less tired, have less tender joints, and greatly reduce the symptoms my rosacea. Any weight loss would simply be a bonus.

So, I signed up for Jo-Ann Brine's 28-Day Summer Lovin' program, which starts out with a cleanse/detox. Her plan is mad good! It's not a plan where I've ever suffered (except for the detox symptoms from giving up sugar [my worst], caffeine [wahhhh!], dairy, gluten, and alcohol) or felt deprived (well there's coffee). After the first couple of days the cravings for sugar go away. Anc each day Jo-Ann greets you with something new to think about, and do for your Self. She's all about the self-care!

If you'd like more information on what the 28-day Summer Lovin' Program entails, follow this link. There's another one beginning in early August, and I'd highly recommend it if you want to feel better or lose some weight.

This is my third time following Jo-Ann's detox, but my first 28-day program. This time, I'm not looking at this as something that I will go off eventually — this is a life change.

I'm on day 4 as I write this, and this time the detox effects are far less painful than other times, but I do notice as I'm getting older that my blood sugar is falling now when I don't eat consistently (I'm not diabetic) and I've been a wee bit on the 'hangry' side when this happens. Okay, a lot hangry. Yesterday I was so mad at my email program I wanted to either cry or punch a wall. Instead, I washed the dishes and allowed the warm water and the soap to become an exercise in awareness, and although I still wanted to be angry, my grumpiness flowed down the drain with the soapy water.

And then I ate supper and I felt better because I had food in my belly again, and I had calmed myself before eating enough to realize that.

I feel, for the first time, that this is the start of a new chapter and a final pact of peace with food.

Hopefully next week I'll be back with a blog about writing. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my possible courses and headlines for my new website.

Until then, take care of your Self my friends!