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I spent last Sunday at the Riverview Holistic Fair. It’s a twice-yearly event and affectionately known as The Little Fair With the Big Heart. Little Fair indeed; with 33 tables, it’s no wonder there are so many familiar faces and like-minded people. It fills me up to overflowing.

I don’t sell products or my courses at fairs. When people come to my table, we start off with a conversation. I invite the person to sit down and we talk about our fears about writing. It’s kind of like sitting across from me at the kitchen table. Almost invariably the person says they want to write, but don’t know where to start, or don’t know what to write. I tell her or him about Writing From the Heart, how it works, and then invite her/him to slip on the headphone and try the guided meditation that is set to music. And before you know it, they are writing profound words that they didn’t know they could write. It’s beautiful to witness...

And yet, at the beginning of the day, overhearing a negative conversation, I felt myself being dragged down by the dense energy and I began to wonder what I was doing there. No one was coming to my booth to write, I was paying money to be there, and getting nothing in return… yada, yada, yada.



So, yeah, I picked up my pen and started writing, as I do with visitors to my booth at the fair, and in most times of distress.

I feel very emotional today… prone to tears. My connection with both Dani and Paulette has moved me to welling up. So what’s going on here? I feel both out of place and at home. Out of place because, in part, I wasn’t here yesterday, but also because no one (come on Drama Queen, you’ve had lots of people come by) is coming to write. But the right people will come. It happens every time.

And I feel at home because there are so many people here that I can speak to on a soul-to-soul level. I feel completely plugged into the web of life here. Last night I was talking to Diane and marvelled at the just how many intuitively gifted people there are here in New Brunswick. I’ve never felt that in any other place I’ve lived. But maybe that’s because I was never truly awake anywhere I’ve lived before?



And then it began… Old friends Greta, and Trina who were in the book club I facilitated for a number of years until it was time to let it go.

And there you go Kathy, your first writer to sit and pick up the pen. How could I ever thought I shouldn’t do this? So many people today that I’ve touched and have been touched by. OMG, this is SO what I’m meant to be doing!



In the fair at Saint John in March, I also made some beautiful connections but felt disconnected and clumsy during my presentation on the same topic of the healing power of writing. But this time, from the moment I sat down to be part of our misshapen circle, I felt completely relaxed and, well, flowy. I don’t know how to explain it, except, it felt as though as I was talking I was also understanding — really for the first time — why Writing From the Heart actually works.

My talk felt soul good! And today, as I’m feeling so deeply connected, I feel such gratitude for the power behind the words that flowed out of me. Like I’m being given a deeper understanding of how all of what I’m doing flows together into wholeheartedness.  



The small group of people I was with, just seemed to get it — what Writing From the Heart is all about. They didn’t appear alarmed at the thought of having to write (maybe because I didn’t tell them ahead of time that I would be asking them to read what they wrote out loud… mwahaha!). And they all found deep, meaningful connections to their hearts in listening to the guided meditation and stilling their minds.

In the end, the joke was on me, because I waxed eloquent for so long, that there wasn’t time for them to read. I invited all of these lovely new friends: Janelle, Theresa, Charlene, Helena, and Suzanne to come to my table and read so we could let the next speaker do her presentation.

I didn’t want to break our connection in that room; it seemed so strong and lovely and cozy. Theresa and her mother Charlene followed me to the table and both of them read what they’d written.

The most beautiful outcome of Writing From the Heart is that it turns people who don’t think they’re writers, into writers. Theresa moved me to tears, and I saw the light in Charlene’s eyes beam brilliantly as she opened herself to her inner scribe. It was perfect and brave and deeply moving.



Typically, I am so aware of the group as they write, making sure that the students are okay, that I don’t drop into the flow state of true Writing From the Heart. But this time, as I listened to my own voice in the guided meditation set to music, I felt myself slipping into a deeper awareness. This is what I originally thought this blog would be about, but like most journeys, the getting there is what makes the reward epic.

This is what happens when we allow ourselves to still our minds and listen to our hearts:

It is a challenge to relax and let go of those in this environment, no doubt, but as the meditation played, for moments at a time I could feel my mind slip into something deeper. My conscious brain wanted to pull me out of this deepness immediately — as soon as I found myself relaxing — but it felt so delightful and calming to be there, I just wanted to allow myself to fall into the deep green pool of nothingness.

This is what I see when I do this relaxation; a deep pool of dark forest green that I can dip my naked self into. It’s like skinny-dipping for the soul, as all the layers of resistance slip away and the words glide without catching from my heart (soul) to my brain and directly to my pen. I feel the depths of my heart rise up to give me the words it wants me to hear. Even if I struggle and I am filled with uncertainty, writing and listening are my constant companions, my guides in life, because it is through listening to those that guide me that I hear the wisdom of my soul.
It amazes me that even now, after so many years of writing from my heart that it still connects me to my soul guides on such a deep, deep level. How is that possible?
Gosh, I think I may have found the topic for next week’s blog! I’ve never written about how I experience Writing From the Heart before. Thank you!




The profundity continued... I met Bernie, who stopped by to write, and she had a connection so divine it moved us both to tears. Afterwards, I took a short break and met Paulette at her booth, where her glorious pieces of art made from found materials provided by Earth Mother, were deeply haunting. They stood in sharp contrast to our conversation, which though illuminating, was also light and refreshing.

And finally, I met two others, my table neighbour Peter, a kindred spirit, who uses writing in his multi-dimensional practice; and Therese, daughter of one of my legacy writing students, and a counsellor who also uses writing in her practice. By the time I spoke to these two, I was emboldened to suggest we work together. I hope this is our path. This or something better…

More meaningful connections! Divine! I am absolutely knackered. Awesome day! I feel so blessed and challenged to move forward!

kathy mercure is a promotional storyteller and storytelling workshop teacher. She helps businesses and people to tell their stories. Writing From the Heart is a journey to unlocking,  unblocking and healing your stories so that you can let go of the old, write new stories, and live the life you were meant to live.