I had great intentions for having my 2016 vision board complete and ready to show you, but I haven’t got it done yet. I think when mapping out something this important, I should take the time to do the work. In my experience, there are no shortcuts.

I did the first two writing prompts from my Festivus blog:

  • looking at the year gone by, my lessons, accomplishments, and what I’m ready to let go of;
  • then priming myself in the present with gratitude, positive I AM statements, and creating a list of significant people in my life.

But I got stuck at envisioning 2016. Let’s call a spade a spade here, I’ve always sucked at making goals, resolutions, and envisioning my life. And now I know why…

I'M (mostly) A KINESTHETIC (linguistic) LEARNER

I had an epiphany on January 1st — I learn by writing and talking things through (but I have elements of most of the 7 learning types). It is so simple, but so true for me. Why didn’t I know this before? I guess it was just so blindingly obvious I missed it my whole life.

One of the things I promised myself I would do on New Year’s Day was watch the live “Hangout with Michael” episode for creating a Vibrational Business Plan. Michael Losier is a former New Brunswicker (my adopted province) now living in British Columbia (my birth province), who teaches about the Law of Attraction. Check it out!

But that wasn’t the epiphany… While I was waiting for the live seminar to begin, I decided to watch another video that was about speaking to people in the language that they prefer to learn in. Losier has simplified and made this concept of listening styles his own:

  • Visual people learn by watching videos, demonstrations and says things such as I like how that looks, I can see it, let’s look at the big picture.
  • Auditory people learn by listening to podcasts or a lecture and uses words like I hear you, it sounds like, that resonates with me.
  • Digital people are great problem solvers and like to think things through. They I think, makes sense, thought)
  • Kinesthetic people learn by writing and talking (I feel, I’m in touch with, I am comfortable with that) and we’re all about the feelings.

I’ve since learned there are actually 7 types of learning styles and I’m most strongly a verbal/linguistic learner. If you are interested in finding out more, here is a graphic from

It all fits now… I’ve always come to my greatest aha moments (or epiphanies) through either have a soul-stirring conversation, or a soul-stirring follow-the-rabbit-down-the rabbit-hole writing session.

And now, I understand that on a deeper level, this kind of work may not be for everyone.

The question is… do you have it in you to be a deep space explorer?


Now I understand why I am so much about emotion and feeling. This set me on the path to finally figuring out what I’ve believed to be true for a number of years:

It’s not really about goals for me, as it is about how I want to feel and what I can do to get there...

So, my plan is to work my way back from how I want to feel to the steps to get there. I’m hoping to be finished in time for next week’s . This year is starting out with big stuff, that’s for sure.

Now if I could just get rid of doozy of a cold that I picked up from my sister who lives on the other side of the country… but that’s another story for another blog.