Profile: Maureen Craig Mcintosh (aka grammy mo)

Maureen Craig McIntosh

I’d met Maureen Craig McIntosh at various business functions since 2010, but it was only when we sat down together to work on a bio for her new website, that I discovered despite being a shy child and an introverted adult, she has an alter ego… straight talkin’ Grammy Mo.

profile-maureen craig mcintosh

A quiet, shy kid who did more listening than talking, Maureen’s deep-seated need to help is rooted in her brother’s death from leukemia, when she was only 10. “I remember my parents sitting me down and telling me that my brother had about six months to live, because back then there wasn't much anyone could do to cure the disease. It wasn't an easy time, and I can't say I understood it all, but I'm grateful that the gravity of his illness wasn't kept from me because it made letting him go easier. Just before he died, he told me he was going to be okay because there were lots of people in the light.”

Her brother's death and how he and her parents handled it, taught Maureen two important lessons: death was not something that she needed to be afraid of, and that talking about hard things was good.

Maureen began her career in hospital nursing, and eventually took a position as a Reproductive Health Nurse. It was in this job that she had to, not only step out of her comfort zone, but take a giant leap out into the world of sex education. “I managed to go through three entire years of nursing school without raising my hand to ask a question, and suddenly I was giving a hundred very frank talks about sex to teenagers and their parents every year. My first time, I stood there, knees knocking and terrified. But the gratitude and fulfillment I got from helping people deal with a very touchy topic, kept me going.”

As Maureen realized she had an affinity for counselling, she began taking courses that led to a Masters degree in counselling and certification with the Canadian Counselling Association. But it was when she began studying under her mentor Dr. William Glasser, psychiatrist, and creator of Choice Theory, that she had found her real calling. “His training helped me to seek answers within myself, take total responsibility for my life, and set goals that get me where I want to go. Now I help others get real both personally and professionally, and propel themselves onto becoming all they can be.”

In 1990, while still working at the Sexual Health Centre, she and her partner started Moncton Reality Therapy Consultants and together they have developed the business into an education and training centre for the advancement of Choice Theory Reality Therapy and Lead Management.

When Maureen “retired” in 2004, she continued her one-to-one counselling, but wanted to find a way to help people on a larger scale. Her lifelong addiction to learning, listening, and growing led her to become not only a personal and executive coach, through the College of Executive Coaching, but also,  a certified coach, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team.

“Looking back now, it’s easy to see that my natural ability to listen, helped me get to where I am. But becoming Granny Mo has allowed me to be the no nonsense straight talker that my clients need. Who better to get help from than someone who accepts you as you are, but sees so much more — and is willing to help you get there?”