What I Did on My Summer Vacation (by kathy mercure)

It's been so long since I've posted a blog I don't even have an excuse, so I offer none. Instead I share my summer vacation. When I was at the 'end' of  the 100 Days of Happy pictures, I didn't want to stop, so now I call this little reminder to find at least one thing that makes me happy every day

∞ Days of Happy

what i did on my summer vacation

The action begins with my visit to Alberta to attend the wedding of my niece Tia, continues on my visits with friends and more family that live there. But the happiness didn't end there; my step-daughter Marie-Laure and her family also came to visit and I got to spend several days with them. And it ends with some lovely quiet time at a chalet on the river. Such a wonderful vacation, it makes me very happy indeed.