Profile: Joanne Maillet, PLR Hypnotherapist

Last week when I wrote, owning my inner queen, it was all about me. But this week, it’s all about Joanne Maillet, who helped me discover my most confident life as a King. (Well, it’s still a little about me, but you probably want to know my experience so you can try it yourself, right?)

Joanne is a beautiful soul; kind, generous, and you would never know that she was once, and probably still is a wee bit of a wild child, who left her home in New Brunswick at 16 to live with her father in Calgary, as she searched for the divine feminine that would eventually give her her wings to fly.

In her search, Joanne has read tarot cards; built and walked countless labyrinths (she is still very active in this area; in fact, she will be co-presenting a labyrinth workshop called Journeying Within with EagleSpirit on summer solstice, June 21st); mastered La Trame® (an energy treatment that uses 16 specific hand positions to realign and bring harmony to the body’s initial master plan); created a wellness fair in Miramichi; and is now is delving into Past Life Regression (PLR) Hypnotherapy.

And, that is where I come in.

I’ve been fascinated with past lives for some time, so I jumped at the chance to have a session with Joanne (I LOVE my job!). Before I came, she had me listen to a talk about hypnosis (which helps her clients to understand what Past Life Regression is all about) and to think about an issue with health or emotions that I wanted to clear. As she sees it, PLR is a way to let go of the energies from a past life that have followed us to this life. For example, Joanne had foot pain in this life, and going back to a past life helped her find out that she had cut her heel on a piece of glass as a child in a past life. Not wanting to admit to her mother that she was somewhere she was not supposed to be when it happened, she never told anyone about it, and the wound troubled her throughout that lifetime. When Joanne experienced that life and realized that the lesson was the importance of doing her chores before going out to play, she was able to understand it in this life, and her heel has not bothered her since.

Of course I knew I wasn’t going to bark like a dog, and I even knew that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis (you cannot be hypnotized unless you allow it to happen). But still, I was a little unsure of sharing my sub-conscious (unconscious) with someone else. It can be a very dark and twisty place. But Joanne’s lovely caring and calming way, and her thorough explanation of the process helped still my nervousness. “The reason Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy is so powerful is that the person gets to experience that life and its trauma for his or herself. It is one thing to be told what happened to you in a past life, but most of us need to ‘see’ it with our own eyes to learn the lesson and let the trauma go.” Joanne also says even the good lives have lessons that we may need to be reminded of.

If you’ve never been hypnotized, there is no pocket watch; Joanne's method is to have you close your eyes, relax, and imagine that you are riding in an elevator. As she counted and talked me down to the ground floor, I found myself getting more and more relaxed — but also conscious. In fact, I was able to talk, I could tell her I wanted to stay longer in a certain part of the life, and although I was deeply emotional, I never felt scared — she worked with me to give me the experience I needed.

The first time you have a session, Joanne always starts with helping you experience your most confident life. For me, I was a King in Portugal. For others, it might be as simple as a strong woman tilling the soil to plant a garden, in order to provide for her family.

In your first session, which lasts about two hours, you will generally experience two past lives. In my second regression, I was looking for a reason for my fear of success.

In this life I was a midwife from Ireland in the 1200s. I was standing outside looking at the early winter landscape, dressed in simple clothing. I felt deep sorrow, and when Joanne asked me the questions, I realized that I was standing outside crying because the baby I was delivering, and its mother, had both died. When I went back inside, I was tending to the woman and baby, and feeling rising anger because her husband was a drunken lout who didn’t seem to care that his wife was too weak to have more children. There was not enough food to feed the children they had, and I was worried about what would happen to them without their mother.

Joanne then asked me to go to the end of that life to find out what the lesson was from it. (Many of her questions were prefaced with the suggestion that I would tell her the first thing that came to me when she snapped her fingers.) As soon as she asked, I blurted out, “Compassion.” She then asked if I feel I had learned the lesson. Thinking about how angry I was in that life, I said, “Not completely.” But then it came to me that the compassion I was to learn in that life was not for others, but for myself. Self-compassion. Not every moment can go exactly as planned, and I had to learn to forgive myself for not being able to do everything perfectly; some things were out of my control.

Another exciting aspect of a Past Life Regression with Joanne is that you also get to meet your soul family — the group of souls that you are with through the ages, and that play roles in your lives. It was a beautiful experience to see these 257 light beings (they had human shape to me, but their faces were simply light), and then to move to my immediate soul family of 10. I want to go back and learn more about them and what we are to each other!

For me, the experience was fascinating and deeply moving. Both as the King and as the Midwife, I was crying deep sobs of recognition. Joanne, gently pulled me back. I had the feeling that she was there with me, experiencing what I was feeling, but later she told me, “I am not psychic; I act as a guide to help you find the life that gave you the aches/pains or fears/phobias you are facing in this life. I don’t see what you are seeing, but I ask questions like ‘are you inside or outside, what time of year is it, where is it, and when’. These questions help you to experience the life more fully. My jobs is to help you to feel safe in reliving the memories, and if I feel you are getting too emotional or caught up in what is happening, to help you to distance yourself.”

In the lives we explored together, there wasn’t an incident that I carried physical trauma to in this life — my issues are more emotional. As the confident King, I felt the weight of responsibility for my people, and as the midwife, I was so hard on myself for my ‘failures’. I carried both of these emotions into this life.

I have nothing measurable to offer as proof that Past Life Regression works, except that even though my conscious questioned whether I was making all this up, I knew there was no way I could have these spontaneously vivid memories and pictures and answer questions without thinking. I was there. And, since seeing Joanne over a month ago, I have not only embraced my inner queen, I also feel lighter, more confident, and less likely to hold myself back for fear of failure. Because failure is part of life, and the best way to learn.

And isn’t that the whole point of the experience — to let it go and move forward?

If you would like to learn more about Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, or any of her other services, you can reach Joanne by email at, or find her on Facebook at Joanne Maillet.