Olé, Genius, Creativity, and Fear — Go Deeper

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For the first time since I started this blog, I’ve had difficulty knowing what to write. Somehow, a personal story was not what I wanted to tell. But in the wee hours of the morning, inspiration struck, the chatter in my brain stopped, and I was finally able to return to sleep.

Olé, Genius, Creativity, and Fear — Go Deeper

Now, suitably rested, the critic in me wonders if this is interesting enough to write about. She is nasty, my friend Fear. But whenever I feel her, it means that I am on the right path, because I don’t know what will happen next. I think that is why as much as she is Fear, she is also Friend. And I learned this because of Liz Gilbert, author of the wildly popular, “Eat, Pray, Love.”

It’s funny, a lot of people really do not like this book, and me, who loves it, wonders why? Perhaps I love it for the very reason others hate it: because it’s a book about the kind of navel gazing that asks you not to stay on the surface, but to go deep.

And as I wrote the words, “go deep” I smiled because going deeper is inexorably linked to what I was going to write about in the first place. And I just realized it.

Okay, so back to Liz Gilbert and why I love her. First of all, she did the most inspiring TED Talk about creative genius. When I first watched her talk three years ago, it opened up a whole new way of thinking for me.

As I was just watching it again, I realized how deeply brilliant this concept is. Our genius is not ours, it is the genie that passes through us. Or God, or Spirit...

And too, once again I found myself hearing Fear say in my very own voice, “How can I presume to put myself on the level of people who have a genius, I don’t write books?” Well Fear, I don’t write books — yet. But, I am embarking on offering writing workshops. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a few mini-trial workshops behind me now and I think it’s going to work.

I can see it in the faces of some of the people who have participated. They connected to the ritual of music, candlelight, and going deeper immediately. Others, feel the fear but want to explore because they sense something magical waits on the other side of the Go Deeper Question, “What do I mean by ______?” Of course, there are those that resist and don’t want to go deep. And part of my growth is that it’s okay; I can only lead them to the question, I cannot make them ask it, let alone listen for the answer.

I can feel myself gathering confidence with each and every workshop I do. I am personalizing it to who I am. I offer my full respect to Linda Trichter Metcalf, co-author of the book Writing the Mind Alive: The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice and developer of the proprioceptive writing® method. Her book helped me to find a way to explain to others who may not call themselves writers but have stories to tell, how to do what I do intuitively. And how much this method still helps my own stories surface and resolve themselves as I listen to my heart and use my pen to tell me what it wants me to hear.

But back to the brilliant Elizabeth Gilbert… she did an interview with one of my other heroes, Brené Brown, and I had to make a pretty quote out of what she said because it makes me ever more determined to show up and do the work I am meant to.

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Time to wrap up: I am so grateful that I am stepping out of my comfort zone and that I get to help others do the same. I’ll soon be adding a new service to my website… Workshops — starting in April.

It’s an exciting time!