2014: The Year of Authenticity

 My 2014 vision board

My 2014 vision board

If you read my last post, Course Correcting for 2014, you may remember that when my website was launched, my authentic self was tapped and the clients came pouring into my cup half empty. I found myself overwhelmed by the possibility of a steady stream of work coming in — my old 'friend' Fear of Success set up residence in my office. To move through it, I made the commitment to do some soul searching about what success looks and feels like to me. I spent several days journaling, envisioning a life with a steady stream of clients that wanted me to tell their stories, book editing for those that want to tell theirs, writing my own books, and giving workshops to others who want to find their voice. And that vision also brings a healthy bank balance, a lovely cottage with gardens, the time, ability and means to explore other places and cultures with loved ones, and plenty of professional development.

And then I went deeper, coming up with my five Core Desired Feelings, as they are called by Danielle LaPorte in her amazing book, The Desire Map.

I will know that I am living the life I want to lead when I feel:

•  passionate•  sensual•  loving•  connected • innocent

I will be passionate about the work I do with my clients and for myself, passionate about whom I love, and about my life.

I will be loving towards all things (especially myself), seeing the good and feeling the gratitude for all that comes to me.

I will be connected and present in touching, smelling, tasting, seeing and hearing the beauty of my surroundings and the people I meet; and aware in my sixth sense of the infinite presence of The Source.

I will feel connected to The Source, feeling the energy of the earth, and the incredible web of inter-connectivity all things exist within.

And finally, in my innocence, I will feel those moments with the wide-eyed wonder and delight of the child I am.

All of these feeling exist within me now, but often I must coax them out to feel them. I desire to feel these things continuously, by being present in my life.

2014-the year of authenticity

Another commitment I made to myself for the holiday break was to complete my 2014 vision board. Because I love colour, visuals, and words that make my heart flutter with delight, it was a daylong process of discovering where I want to go, how I want to get there, and whom I want to take with me. And it is full! But I love that there are so many places for the eye to linger, the heart to sink into, and my mind to ponder as I take in what it means to be me.

And plus, it's going to be my desktop photo for an entire year, so it had to be fun!

My theme for 2014 is authenticity; I want to reveal more of myself: what I think, what I believe, what makes me feel passionate, loving, sensual, connected, and innocent. It feels really risky right now, but also really necessary if I want to encourage my clients to be authentic in their businesses too.

One of the risks I am going to take in 2014 is to offer workshops to help people unlock the stories inside them that are crying to get out. I finally found a way to help people who are stuck, to do what I do intuitively. But more to come in my next personal post…

And because I am ready, I’ve been hearing this phrase spoken like a mantra: If you want 2014 to be different, you have to do something different. This is me, daring greatly, again.

Oh, and this is me laughing at fear:

Ghost driving a meat skeleton.jpg