Profile: Steve Clayton, Clayhut Healing Centre

 Steve Clayton, Clayhut Healing Centre

Steve Clayton, Clayhut Healing Centre

One of the driving forces of my storytelling life is that I L-O-V-E to hear stories people tell of the spark, the moment, the thunderbolt of knowing that, as Marianne Williamson says allows us to, “be the most wonderful expression of [us] that [we] are capable of.”

I hope you enjoy meeting some people and businesses that are following where the heart leads.

Profile: Steve Clayton, Clayhut Healing Centre

When you first meet Steve Clayton, or shake his hand, you might think he is someone who crafts fine furniture or works outdoors. Steve does work with his hands, but look closer. Do you see the kindness in his eyes and can you feel the gentleness emanating from him?

Steve is an energy healer who uses his hands to transmit energy that gently addresses pain, illness, stress, and all other forms of mind/body/spirit imbalance.

The proven science of energy healing may be new to some of us, and it has only recently been on the radar in western medicine; but eastern medical practitioners and aboriginal people have practiced healing with energy for thousands of years.

While Clayton believes that everyone has the ability to heal because we all have the same energy within us, he himself didn’t start out as a healer. He comes from traditional Nova Scotian roots and was on a rather traditional career trajectory; first in sales and then truck driving. Or so he thought. For years people had told him that he gave an excellent massage and had a natural ability to calm people around him. With the gentle nudging of his wife, Kim Hutchinson, he began to explore; first dabbling in Reiki before he found Chios Energy Healing and knew in his heart he had found what he was meant to do.

In 2006, Steve and Kim were drawn to New Brunswick; Steve took a transfer from his truck-driving job and they settled in Riverview. By 2008 they had formed Clayhut Healing Centre (a clever derivative of both their surnames). In 2011 Steve left the safety net of his job to begin healing full-time and he has never looked back.

Steve offers treatments that include any combination of the following healing tools, techniques, and guides:

  • Naturopathic Consultation
  • Reiki (Master)
  • EFT® (Emotional Freedom Technique [aka pain tapping])
  • Chios Therapeutic Energy Massage (Master)
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing

Clayton also treats animals using energy and teaches several workshops to help budding healers.

During our visit, Steve also generously offered to give me a short introduction to his energy healing techniques. Trying to relax, but not knowing what to expect, I lay fully clothed on the healing table. After merging our energies by touching my shoulders, he channelled energy into my body by holding his hands just above me and after asking, by holding my left hand, arm and shoulder. I felt very little, except relaxation and peace (when I wasn’t worrying if I was doing it right!). After the treatment he also gave me a message he picked up from my heart: “You are worthy.” I was shocked and became a bit teary with this revelation, as I had been grappling with whether I was brave enough to step into the arena as authentically kathy.

The thing about energy healing is you don’t have to be a believer. Relief from pain, whether it is emotional or physical, may not be instant, but it comes for most of us. I myself felt as though a huge weight had been lifted and I was able to move forward to complete the work I needed to do. But even though I had never been aware of the physical sensation of energy passing through me before, something broke open inside of me that day and I have been feeling energy, and feeling my worthiness growing stronger each day.

Call me a believer.

six-word memoir

I greatly admire Brené Brown, vulnerability researcher and author of several books, including Daring Greatly. In a recent blog post she asked her subject for a six-word memoir. Some quick research revealed that the six-word memoir is a creation of SMITH Magazine and I have decided to ask my interview subjects for their life in six words. Mine: "Author of her late blooming life."

A fellow with a heart as big as Steve's cannot be confined to only six words, so he gave me seven. Here is Steve's memoir:

 "Eternal restlessness blundering through a finite world."