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Hi, I'm kathy mercure, storyhealer...


Your Wild Woman is calling you. Can you hear her?

 SoulShots by Eagle Spirit

SoulShots by Eagle Spirit

Do you hear a voice whispering gently to you?  I do.  

Several years ago, during a time when I felt lost, confused, and frustrated, I turned to writing in my journal to make sense of it. Writing has always been where I go to sort out my thoughts. When I write in my journal, my usually chattering brain gets very still and words flow from my pen. It's like a super focus.

One day, as I was writing, I suddenly realized I was hearing a voice. So I followed The Voice and allowed it to tell me what it had to say. It turns out, it was beautiful, kind, and gentle — and full of incredible wisdom.

It took me a while to understand that The Voice was my heart (my soul) speaking to me, guiding me.

I’ve followed it ever since. Its guidance has been priceless in helping me to heal my life, break through my fears, discover my purpose, and point me to where I need to be. Which is right here. 

So, I made a course…

When I understood how helpful The Voice was to me, I brought together a lifetime of knowledge gained from experiences, professional development, and books I’d read. I created Writing From the Heart to help people like you who:

  • feel frozen and don’t know how to move forward
  • are feeling like life is passing you by
  • want to let go of your old stories and write yourself a new life,
  • want to write, but you can't hear your writing voice
  • have stories you want to tell, but don't know where to start

you need to learn how to write from your heart!

I’m kathy mercure, storyhealer. I’m absolutely passionate about helping you to hear your heart and finding your answers by:

  • learning how to deepen your journaling with techniques & tips
  • healing and letting go of your old stories
  • finding and welcoming the Wild Woman within you
  • breaking through your fears
  • creating a life filled with passion, purpose, and action
  • discovering who you really are, so that you can become who you were meant to be

Are you ready to hear the voice of your heart? Take Writing From the Heart FREE

Deeply healing

"I have done the 'Writing From the Heart' three times now and every time it takes me deep into a space within that I wouldn't normally go to. I love the healing it brings! Thank you Kathy for developing this course! :) <3" — Joanne Maillet

My personal manifesto

Writing a personal manifesto is challenging — to say the least. It was a fifty-two-year process that was born from my life experiences, beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. And by sharing it with you, it became my moral compass. I want you to KNOW ME. 



I am a watcher, a listener, and a writer of stories. I write the passion in every story I tell.

Every moment is a fork in the road… listen to The Voice.

Being authentic means being vulnerable.

Thoughts become things.



When it comes down to the core, everything is about love, respect and treating all creatures as we’d want to be treated.

God/Goddess/the Universe/Spirit is in me and I am part of the greater connection of WE.

Being in nature clears my mind, sparks creativity and refocuses my attention to what matters.

Everything is as it should be. (A lesson I am still learning.)



For I have been both.



When I spread love, kindness and compassion, I am a light.

Everything is connected, so whatever I do, will come back to me.

While I am not the girl I once was, I am not yet the woman I will become. 

We all have stories to tell and I’d love to help you tell yours.

If you have a question, I'd love to hear it. Just fill out the form below and I'll help however I can. I may even turn your question into a blog post or a lesson in a video.

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