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Using Writing Prompts To Tell Your Stories

A guided writing  journey that takes you deep into you!

Are you ready to dig deep and find the life you've dreamed of?


Just what I needed!

"When I signed up for this course I was in a state of being blocked in my writing, even in my journals which is a place that I had been able to write easily for many years. Imagine my surprise when with the very first exercise the words just began to flow out of my pen. My pages were filled with answers to what I needed to examine and lean into next. Even more exciting, my words were just flowing out of me with no effort again. This is truly a gift to me and I am extremely grateful for it. Thank you Kathy for sharing your knowledge with us. I am excited to see/feel what flows out next!" — Bev Crossman, Power Coach

MODULE #1: Writing From the Heart Foundational Class

  • Why it's not about writing, but about listening
  • Why Writing From the Heart is different than most journal writing courses you've taken
  • Learn about the alpha state of flow
  • Discover the science behind the music of WFTH
  • The 7 essential tools you'll need
  • The steps to WFTH
  • A guided meditation to relax you and still your mind
  • A 25-minute free writing practice, set to music

MODULE #2: Memory Prompts

  • Write to three assigned 10-minute writing assignments from your childhood and current life
  • Why writing to an assigned prompt is an elegant solution to getting your stories, ideas, and writing to flow again
  • Access those memories lying just beneath the surface 
  • Learn how guided writing can help you heal
  • Why writing down your stories is so important
  • Discover what memoir is really all about

MODULE #3: Sensory Prompts (part 1)

  • Write to three assigned 10-minute writing prompts that call upon the senses of sight, sound, and taste
  • Discover how memory is triggered when we use personal photographs and foods you'll find in your own kitchen
  • Understand the emotional and scientific reasons why our senses are so connected to our memory
  • Learn how using sensory descriptions in your writing make it come alive

MODULE #4: Sensory Prompts (part 2)

  • Write to three assigned 10-minute writing prompts that call upon the senses of touch, smell, and perception
  • Complete your sensory writings by conjuring memories and stories associated with touch and smell
  • Explore the concept of 'knowing' and how we use our extrasensory perception to receive messages that are not always associated with the senses, but for most of us, always there

MODULE #5: The Masks We Wear

  • In this video, we dig even deeper as we explore the masks we wear every day
  • Explore the masks we use to hide who we truly are in order to show people what we think they want to see
  • When we started wearing masks, and why
  • Write about what will happen when we take the masks we are hiding behind… off
  • Write about who you will be when you take the masks off

MODULE #6: Forgiveness, Letting Go & the Divine You

  • Explore how keeping a journal writing practice can help you change your perspective
  • Understand the importance of letting go of old stories so you can write new ones
  • We start by looking at forgiveness – of ourselves, and of others. Are we ready? Why it's so important, and how we will know we've forgiven.
  • In letting go we look at what need to let go of right now, what will happen when we let go, and why we are so afraid to let go
  • And finally, we explore who you will be when you are divinely 'you', and who God/Creator/Universe created you to be
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With 6-hours of video time (and as many hours of writing time as you need), plus bonus materials, this course will put you on your path to healing, unlocking, and unblocking your life! 


Write your way back to you starting now!

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