Stop staring at the blank page! 

Writing From the Heart will help you clean out your creative pipes and get you back to writing.


If you dream of writing a memoir, but need help to unblock your stories...

You've come to the 'write' place!

I firmly believe we all have stories to tell. And when we share the stories of our lives, we find the writer within. It doesn't matter whether you consider yourself a writer or not, readers are attracted to, relate to, and empathize with stories that are shared from the heart. 

This course will help you 'unblock' so the words flow and you can discover the writer within. Whether you want to share your stories in a memoir, or create a work of fiction, this course will help clean your creative pipes that are clogged with life, so that you can move onto your dream.

Unlock your stories...


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There's a book inside of you, waiting to be born!

Try one of my writing courses and you'll be amazed at how the words start flowing again. 


Fabulous Course for Unlocking your Creative Voice!

"This course was just what I needed to push me through a long period of writer's block. Working on the prompts got the writing flowing and it was very easy for me to transition into my novel. This is a perfect tool for writers who want to silence the inner critic and just write." — Karen Leonard, Mama, Mystic & Writer