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Write your way to the life you've always wanted

If you can't even remember your dreams anymore, you’ve come to the right place. I can help you find them.


Heart's Desire Journaling Meditation Mini-Course

Our heart has infinite wisdom because it has a direct connection to our soul.

Connect to your heart and record its wisdom. This course includes a short introductory video with instructions on how to connect to your heart and a 30-minute guided meditation and writing music for you to download and keep to use again and again.

You'll learn how to calm your chattering mind so that you can speak directly to your heart.

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Writing From the Heart — Self-directed

Your first step on the journey to the life you want to lead.

the 'listen to your heart' master class

It's not about being a good writer, it's about being a good listener and then writing down what you hear. It's easy when you have the right tools and gentle guidance...

Break Free (self-directed)

Break Free (self-directed)

+BIG Bonuses

Break through fear to desire & action

When you have the right support —  and do the work — your dreams can become reality. Break Free is an eight-week video coaching program with three different levels of interaction with me that helps you get your life unstuck by moving through your fears and towards your desires.