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20 Questions:

Big, important, soul-searching questions that will make you think, feel, and write.


20 Questions invites you to reflect on life's big questions

When we ask ourselves "what's one thing you learned that blew my mind?" or "which 5 questions do you hate not having the answers to?" you take pause and have to think about what is really important to you. These are not questions you answer with one or two words, they are meant to help you slowly spiral into the purity of your beliefs, values, wants, and desires.

20 Questions includes:

  • An introductory video
  • 20 emails (one per day) over 20 days
  • Reflections to set the tone for each question
  • Quotations that complement the question
  • Beautiful photography to get you into reflective writing state
  • Some optional reading sources and links if you wish to further your enquiry
  • A private Facebook group to discuss our answers to these deep questions

a wonderful course

I really enjoyed this course. It helped me to realize that my journaling is going to save my life and make me a better, more creative person. I had shut down completely due to a lawsuit that I had with the Michigan Department of Transportation. They wanted to confiscate all of my journals. It freaked me out and I put down my pen until taking this course. Now I have picked up my pen and am writing for my life. Thank you so much for giving that part of me back." —  Peggy Van Sickle

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This 20-day email course asks you the really big life questions. You'll also have access to a Facebook discussion group and even some videos!



Let's play 20 Questions!

One Payment of $77 

When you sign up for 20 Questions, you also get the 1-hour foundational course, Writing From Your Heart