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Connect deeply to your heart's desires

 Write the life you dream of...


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just starting out

Learn how to connect to your heart, find your writing voice, and discover your life's stories.

heal your stories

Take the first step to let go of the old stories that are holding you back and write a new life, here.

writer's block?

If you're staring at the blank page and can't get started, Writing From the Heart can help.


more than a course, this could change your life. 

This is a beautiful course and Kathy, the instructor, is a beautiful person. I could feel how much she cared and wants to help people by sharing this amazing writing practice. The practice is deeply healing, and great for journal writing, but has also breathed new life into my novel writing. From the first time I tried writing from the heart, it felt like I had come home." — Morgan Roche

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Want to play 20 Questions?

These soul-searching questions (one per day) will make you think, feel, and write...


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